Bath-based business psychologist, Caroline Gourlay discusses a key business issue with a client

Psychology. What could it do for your business? Well more than you might realise. Psychology is the study of people: their abilities, potential, personality and motivation. Their funny little quirks.

People aren't predictable. They have 'off' days. They lose confidence. They don't live up to their potential. They're only human. It's not surprising then, that 'people issues' cause some of the biggest headaches in organisations.

  • Will that impressive job applicant actually deliver?
  • How do you manage conflict in a team?
  • Why did that star performer turn into Mr Average?
  • Is that person ready for promotion?
  • How do you help someone whose personal problems are getting in the way of their work?

For these, and countless other everyday management questions, psychology can help. Applying sound, well-researched psychological principles to people issues gives you a better understanding of what is going on under the surface. And that means you can make more informed decisions.

Whether you are selecting someone for a key position, trying to motivate your team or helping someone (or yourself) grow into a role, a bit of psychological insight can make a massive difference.

Caroline Gourlay, a Chartered Psychologist, has a wealth of experience of using psychology to support people in business. She can offer you down-to-earth, impartial, business-friendly advice to help you get the best from the people in your organisation.