Management Due Diligence

Management Due Diligence

The success of any Private Equity investment rests on a small number of people - the management team. Even if everything else stacks up, the wrong team is unlikely to deliver.

Caroline can help you evaluate and manage risk by assessing the strength of the management team, both individually and collectively.

Research highlights two key reasons why individual managers fail:

  • the job is too big for them
  • some aspect of their personality - often a strength they have overplayed - trips them up

These things are very difficult to uncover using interviews and references alone.

Caroline uses some of the most sophisticated assessment tools available, in conjunction with in-depth, structured interviewing, to produce a comprehensive picture of individual managers' capabilities, potential, motivation and limitations, along with an insight into how well they work together as team.

Services offered include:

  • Assessment of management teams
  • Referencing
  • Assessment of individual directors to join existing teams
  • Assessment of chairmen/non-executive directors
  • Executive coaching to support key directors in growing the business

Caroline has over six years' experience in MDD and has worked as a psychologist assessing and coaching managers since the late 90s. For larger assignments, she draws on a pool of highly experienced psychologists, assessors and reference-gatherers to provide a comprehensive MDD service.

Caroline says "It's vital to know the calibre of the management team. I can help you make an informed decision about potential investments and identify any gaps or weak points in a team."

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Caroline was my right hand woman at Cardinal for 5 years. She is insightful and analytical and understands what makes people successful in business. Katy Lindsay, former MD, Cardinal Management Services