Succession Planning

Succession Planning

Sometimes it's important to know who'll take over. The risk of leaving a vacuum is too great.

Are there key individuals in your organisation heading for retirement or likely to move on?

Is there anyone in your organisation so vital for their technical knowledge or customer relationships that the company would struggle to function without them?

Are you in a family business and want to prepare the next generation to take the helm?

Don't leave it until the change is upon you. Succession is so much smoother if it's planned for.

Caroline can help you to:

  • Identify the key requirements for success in a role - which may change as the company grows.
  • Assess the strengths, potential and development needs of possible successors.
  • Select a successor from the pool of 'next generation' talent.
  • Create a development plan to enable an individual to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Coach individuals to grow into a role.
  • Develop a handover plan to ease transition.

Caroline says "Sometimes it's useful to get an objective perspective on potential successors, to be clear about what they are capable of. That's where I can help."

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Succession planning is critical in a family business. Caroline has been very important in preparing my son and daughter for their increasing responsibilities. Geoffrey Harrison, MD, Harrison Catering Services                        Caroline really helped us understand the potential of the next tier of management and worked with some key individuals to support their development Tim Saunders, CEO, Paladin