Supporting Family Business

Supporting Family Business

Family businesses are special. At their best, they have highly committed management teams who create something of long-lasting value. At their worst, they are riven by rivalries, factions and wildly different agendas.

When a business is run by a family, a whole new set of issues comes into play. This brings with it risks, including:

  • People feeling obliged to get involved, whether they really want to or not.
  • The usual tensions between directors being exacerbated by old family dramas and resentments.
  • The interests of the business and the interests of the family becoming confused.

  • Family members getting jobs they're not qualified for or being promoted before they are ready.
  • Family harmony becoming so important that difficult business issues are not tackled.
  • Non-family members in key roles feeling excluded because important discussion happens around the dinner table.

An independent perspective can help you navigate these difficult issues and avoid the pitfalls.

Caroline works with family businesses on areas such as succession planning, clarifying roles and responsibilities and understanding the dynamics between family and non-family members in the business.

As well as being a Chartered Psychologist, she has also been trained and accredited by the International Centre for Families in Business.

Caroline says "I love working with family businesses because people care so much about what they are doing and are in it for the long haul. It's wonderful to see a family handover from one generation to the next in a smooth, well-planned transition".

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Caroline has helped us to better understand the dynamics between us as a family and between the family and non-family board members. Geoffrey Harrison, MD, Harrison Catering Services                        Caroline brings insightful experience to the work with family business clients John Tucker, Director, International Centre for Families in Business